Friday, March 25, 2011

too-whit-too-what? (aka that's not a ripple blanket!)

Too-whit-too-whoo! This little guy flew into my bag while we were charity shopping last week and now he just keeps flying on to the living room shelves, much to Graham's bemusement. I get the feeling Graham thinks the owl might be more at home in the craft room where he would never be seen by anybody but me.
But I think this feathered friend of mine has made his nest amongst these books and there is bound to be a law against removing an owl from its nest, right? Besides, he goes perfectly with the rocket lamp, fireplace tiles, salt and pepper cats and my typewriter, all of which stay in the living room. This is his rightful home.
And just in case you thought (heaven forbid!) that I hadn't been crocheting, here's proof of another two rows. The more rows I crochet, the more the bottom of the blanket is getting pulled out into a squarer shape, so my worries about it tapering at the bottom are no more. My newest worry (aside from still thinking the blanket is too big) is that I could be addicted. I go to sleep and wake up thinking about crochet. Just one more row...


  1. Charity shop finds do often find their own places to rest and they often differ from where Matt wants them to settle :) Love the owl.

  2. Yes, he's very much at home. If only every piece of second-hand tat I brought home slotted into place so easily!


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