Monday, March 7, 2011

surrounded by jukeboxes

Working jukebox
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Greetings from Elgin. It's like a home from home (well, it IS home in one sense as it is where I lived from eight to eighteen years of age) surrounded by jukeboxes*. I am sleeping in my sister's old room with her jukebox, which she has not yet managed to ship out to France. Down the road in a chip shop called The Northern Fish Restaurant is Graham's dream jukebox, the Ami Continental. Graham is usually only in Elgin over Christmas when the chip shop is closed so he has only ever seen in by peering through the window and between the vertical blinds. Searching for Elgin on flickr, you would think there was nothing to see but the ruined cathedral, but there are still one or two more interesting sights for the eagle-eyed.

Anyway, I'm not here for sight-seeing, but to visit my family. I've already managed to catch a cold from my nieces and nephew, but I'm enjoying myself and learning A LOT about Peppa Pig. I think I have seen every episode about three times already and I've only been here a couple of days. Fortunately I like Peppa pig. I've also learned a fair amount about dinosaurs and ballet dancing from bedtime story reading duties, which I have been assigned to every night so far.

Other than that, not a lot has been happening. I wasn't organised enough to take any craft projects with me unfortunately. We do have some acorn gathering planned. My niece Kim has promised to help me in exchange for a "ladybird" acorn brooch. I'm also planning to spend at least one day going round the charity shops. If there is one thing Elgin is not short of, it's charity shops! Hopefully I'll have something fun to photograph and share here by the time I get back. Until then, it will probably be all quiet on the dropstitch front...

*Apparently I did not make it clear that I spend my days in the flat with Graham's beautiful jukebox for company, so it was a home from home BECAUSE I was surrounded by jukeboxes. You dig? Yeah, I knew you dug. Back in the big city now, by the way, so normal blogging should resume shortly.


  1. Hey Laura!

    Been trying to find you on twitter with no luck- it was just to let you know that I'd mentioned you in a wee interview I did this week- here's the link:


  2. Thank you, Nikki! Very flattered that you would think of me :)


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