Thursday, February 9, 2012

desk set

I've spent all day trapped under a baby who claims (claims!) to be hungry.  There are not many good things about days like this (Graham is distracting her for 30 minutes so I can organise my medication, rehydrate and stop crying) but today I did manage to use it as an excuse to watch an afternoon movie - Desk Set starring Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.  The film is set mainly in this office, the research department of a television network.  The four ladies who work here take phone calls from people who need to know things and they provide them with the answers, sometimes after lots of research but often from the depths of their minds.  I spent most of the film drooling over their office/library and wishing I could have been a television researcher in the late 1950s.  I'd actually love to be a researcher even in this modern day and age where the internet would no doubt replace some of the fusty old books.  Here's the trailer for anyone who might be interested.

Anyway, this is eating into valuable water-drinking time and I may not get another baby break until 5am so I had better go.


  1. Love old Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy movies, we watched Guess Who's Coming to Dinner last week. Great classic!

    Look after yourself

    1. Thanks :) They make quite an odd wee couple in Desk Set but I think that's what was so nice about it. Not too romantic either!


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