Sunday, February 5, 2012

the science of sleep(lessness)

Here is the scene from this morning - me, my dad, two cats and a baby.  I do not look very glamorous, even compared to my normal standard.  I'm afraid it's the best I can do what with existing on about three hours' sleep a night.  Yes, we officially have a nocturnal baby and it's driving me mental.  Last night she was up until 5.30am (and I mean not sleeping at all and screaming whenever she wasn't being fed) and then when I finally did get her down she slept for a measly one hour before waking up for more food.  So by 7.30 this morning I had had one hour's sleep.  One hour.  For a while she could only keep this up for a couple of nights before being too tired to stay awake the next night (oh, the blissful memory of nights where I was getting two-hour stretches of snooze between feeds) but now she seems able to do this every... single... night.  Ugh.  Our attempt at getting her into a day/night routine has not been working but I am upping the ante this week and the two of us (Dulcie and I) will be plunged into a post-bath world of darkness and silence from 8pm every night.  Meanwhile we are trying to keep her awake a bit more during the day but I swear this baby can sleep through anything.  When it suits her.


  1. Silly question but is Dulcie feeding from one breast until she comes off by herself? Hope tonight is better and I knwo this doesn't help but it doesn't last forever! x

    1. Thanks :) I will send you a wee email and pick your brain about this if that's OK.


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