Monday, February 27, 2012


This book about faces is Dulcie's favourite thing in the world right now.  She can look at it quite happily for ages and enjoys stroking the crinkly pages.  This weekend she used the mirror on the front cover to practise her newest trick - smiling.
Success!  Well, sort of.  She's actually been smiling quite a bit but this is the closest I've come to capturing it on camera so far.
Doesn't she look like James Dean in this outfit?  All she needs is a packet of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve of her T-shirt.  I'm loving her tiny jeans.  They're jeggings really (tiny jeggings! hee!) but they are still a little on the large side for her.  Every time she has her nappy changed by her dad she comes back with teeny-tiny turn-ups to match his.

Hmmm, I really don't want this place to turn into a baby blog, but I spend 100% of my time with this little lady now, so it's baby or nothing, I'm afraid.  It won't be like this for ever!  (Will it?)  My mum is coming to visit this week, I think, so I might utilise her babysitting skills to try and find the time to dig out some easy craft projects.  I am itching to make something (anything!) but all my supplies are buried in disorganised piles that I can't get to in the time it takes Dulcie to realise I'm not holding her and start screaming.  Talking of which...


  1. aww, she's looking lovely! it's so lovely when they start smiling:) funny but that book is jimmy's favourite too - he has it hanging on his cot and plays with it every morning..x

    1. Thanks :) We do have to laugh at how much that book holds her attention. It's a real page-turner... considering it only has three pictures!


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