Tuesday, February 21, 2012

she loves it really!

This is kind of old news now, but my new niece is no longer a nameless wonder.  She's called Lexie Elspeth.  Aw!  Here's Dulcie modelling the cardigan I crocheted for her.  It had turned out a good bit smaller than the other two I made (different wool, I guess) so I tried it on Dulcie just to make sure it would fit.  I think it will fit Lexie, who is just a little bit bigger than Dulcie really, but probably not for long, so we posted it off to her quick stylee even though I wanted to keep it as soon as I had seen it on.  How cute?!  As you can see, Dulcie didn't look too impressed, but she cries all the time (all... the... time...) so I'm sure she loved it really, despite the screams that might suggest otherwise.  And she might have been crying because I was making her wear her emergency MC Hammer pants.  You can't touch this!

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