Sunday, February 19, 2012

hangin' with my homie

This week just past I had just one medical appointment (shocker!) and managed to use the unusual amount of free time to start enjoying just hanging with my homie, Dulcie.  We went out every day this week (we even went to the cinema together) but here are some highlights from Friday.
  The health visitor's assistant popped round on Friday morning and told us that Dulcie weighs 7lbs 7oz.  This is double her birth weight and makes her pretty much normal newborn baby size.  Go, Dulcie!  Over the last couple of weeks she has become big enough to start wearing some of her vast clothing collection and picking out an outfit is always a nice way to start the day, whether we go for the sublime and stylish or the downright ridiculous.  Friday's outfit was very stylish, I think - grey knitted leggings and pink stripy socks/top, like a cross between an old man in his underwear and a young Brigitte Bardot.
 You can never start them too young, so we spent a little while learning about embroidery with Erica Wilson (see last post).  Dulcie was quite entertained and just had some milk whenever she got bored.
Dulcie won't really let me eat lunch in the house so I've been taking it out and eating it while Dulcie sleeps in the pram.  On Friday it was a bit drizzly so I had my lunch inside the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens, which was very pleasant.  When Dulcie got bored/threatened to wake up, we walked amongst the hundred-year-old ferns and saw the sights.
Fancy fish in the indoor pond.
 Strange mini lollipop trees.
Succulents spiky...
 ... and succulents smooth.

 Also this very impressive flower.

 Not quite ready to go home, we went to the Oxfam book shop and then to the public library (see picture of library carpet above) to have a wee look at the craft books.  Nothing doing but I still liked being in the library in the afternoon.

I'm sure there will be more of the same this week... next week... and the week after that.  Ah well, there are worse ways to spend your days and my homie can be quite good company when she manages to think of anything other than milk.


  1. Looks like you both had a lovely day out! Before you know it you and Dulcie will be stitching up a storm together :)

    Also- that library carpet is amazing!

    1. I predict much more time with that carpet in our future! And I can't wait for Dulcie to learn to sew :)


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