Sunday, February 12, 2012

this week i saw...

 A new cafe and ice-cream parlour opening soon on Byres Road.  

I have only been to Nardini's ice-cream parlour in Largs once... Well, actually I went twice, but both on the same day (that's how good the ice cream was!) so I was pretty excited to see this.  From the outside, it looks like they're really going for the traditional cafe look, so I'm hoping the inside will be equally lovely.  Our new neighbour is a Nardini but I think the Nardini family actually sold the business/name a few years back so I probably won't be able to wangle a friends-and-family discount.  C'est la vie, I shall just have to pay full price for my ice cream.

A humorously vandalised book in a charity shop.

In case you can't make it out, the book is called "What To Expect: The Toddler Years" and somebody has written across the front, "MAYHEM!!!!"  Probably sums it all up quite nicely so I didn't feel the need to read the entire book.

Dulcie rocking out at the AC/DC exhibition.

She was not the only baby there.  Actually, there were quite a lot of babies and all of them were sleeping peacefully.  Playing Highway To Hell at full blast is a surprisingly effective lullaby as it turns out.

The first photo of my new niece who arrived today!

She is nameless as yet and I am excited to find out what she'll be called.  I was expecting a nephew so only had emergency boy names to suggest.  Any ideas?  Despite being three months Dulcie's junior, she is already much bigger than her, but I am handling her arrival better than I had feared I would.  My head is in a bit of a bad place when it comes to babies (and life in general) these days.  Fortunately, in an act of uncharacteristic organisation, I crocheted her a cardigan months ago before Dulcie even arrived (I know! Go me!) so she will not have to face being the first baby not to have a handmade gift from her Auntie Laura.  Dulcie and I are looking forward to a trip to Mothercare tomorrow to choose some more presents for her new cousin... and not only because it means a trip out in the pram and therefore a short break for my ears and boobs!  Talking of which...


  1. Babies love ice cream enriched boobie milk so you will have to visit at least once daily to ensure that Dulcie gets her ice cream enriched milk :) It's also a well known fact that babies love charity shops so you will have a great excuse for popping next door too :) Remember I'm here as a rant listener if you need to let off steam x

    1. Thanks, Lynsey :) I've got Dulcie started on charity shops already but am easing her in gently since we've only been able to go in ones big/spacious enough for her pram to fit in. Once she gains one more pound, she'll be big enough to go in her baby carrier thing and then the whole world of Glasgow charity shops will be our playground!


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