Saturday, January 17, 2009

and another thing

That last post sounded a bit negative (it wasn't meant to be) so I thought I'd return and share a few little things that I've been meaning to post about for a while.  These foxy hairclips were bought on a Southside charity shopping day out just before Christmas.  Oh, I love them!  They must originally have had diamond eyes but now only one of the four remains.  I had thought about getting a few diamantes and fixing them up but I think I prefer them the way they are.
These little things appeared in my advent calendar.  This sounds like a lie but I had really been wanting a miniature sewing machine, honest guv'nor!  I love the colours of this one.  Tres seventies!  I included my scabby looking finger for scale.
I got this little object inside a Kinder egg years ago.  Sit it one way and it looks like a dog, sit it another way and it looks like a Russian grandfather.  I'm quite a fan of those two-way pictures, the ones that have two different faces drawn in one, and I think this tickles my fancy for the same reasons.
Check out my A-Team knitting patterns!  Purchased for 10p the same day I got the foxes.  The patterns go all the way up to adult sizes (if only there was a bit more time before Graham's birthday...) but I think I'll start with a small size for a little someone special, maybe for Christmas next year.  I think I'm going to make the blue B.A. Baracus one although the plain A Team one is pretty classy too.  Talking of knitting, I'll be getting a new niece or nephew in about three months.  Yippee!  I know exactly what I want to make (but I won't share it yet incase my sister ever finds this blog) but had better make a start on it soon - it won't be much of a surprise for the baby if it's not finished before I'm using a zimmer, man!  (Yes, that was a clue for those who have knitting know how.)  I am not a fast knitter.


  1. Those fox barrettes are THE BEST! Excellent find.

  2. I know! Yippee! I'm glad other people like them too. Every time someone favourites them on flickr, I think, "Go foxies!"


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