Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I actually didn't watch that much TV as a child!

Behold how the robots mock the lowly potato!
I thought my test card girl embroidery might look a bit lost on my stall all on her own, so I made a mini range of teeny tiny TV (t)embroideries. (I'm pretty sure I can't get away with calling these tapestries just to satisfy my penchant for alliteration...)
I'm not sure whether anybody else will feel as affectionate as I do towards the Thames logo, but this reminds me of the TV of my childhood more than just about anything else, I think.
If my fingers weren't on strike, I'd love to make a little Mr Spoon/Button Moon embroidery to round off the set.

I've actually just remembered that I have a vital piece of sewing to do before this weekend's market. I sold the second-last Ethel and Willie embroidery recently (to a customer who sent me the most lovely thank you email afterwards, which really made my day/week) and the final Ethel embroidery is not quite finished. She very nearly is, but I did cry and bleed a lot when I sewed one lousy brooch last night, so I don't relish the thought of completing her. I'm not ready to do a market without her, though. I need my Walford posse for moral support! Last night, I also discovered it is not possible to sew while wearing gloves. Oh, well, worth a try, right? I think tonight I'll try sewing while wearing ten plasters... and then look for a new obsession. I don't think I'll have to look very hard, actually. A friend was ordering himself some gocco supplies this week and offered to get me a few exciting (to me) colours of ink while he was at it. None of my new print ideas (yes, I do have some already!) have quite come together yet, but the oily smell of the inks has made me really excited to gocco again, so I am going to seriously focus my energies on that soon. Exciting!


  1. Have you thought about these?

    I always think of the well-spoken ladies handling historical books on TV when I see them, but a friend of mine with a bad skin condition wears them at work when it really flares up - she can still be pretty dextrous. Although I'm not sure if that stretches to needlework.

  2. Thanks, Katy

    They were just what I was wearing, actually! I had hoped they would be ok, but it was so hard to hold the needle and to judge where you were putting it through (I hadn't relised how much I used the sense of touch to sew) plus the trying not to sew the gloves to my project... I might persevere, though. Maybe it just requires a bit more practice?


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