Sunday, July 18, 2010

judy for girls

I'm loving this old Judy annual. I saw it in a charity shop many months ago, but thought it was a bit overpriced. There was lots of writing over the pictures that I liked plus I'm trying to resist more purchases in general. Recently, though, I picked the same annual up and found it had been reduced to a much more reasonable price. This time, resistance was futile!
I love these two pictures from the inside cover, so I scanned them and photoshopped out all the felt penning. Apparently this annual belonged to a girl called Jane Fairgrieve and apparently Jane Fairgrieve liked to write her name in VERY LARGE LETTERS.
Ta-da! Judy For Girls! And just where did those two extra balls appear from...?

I'm busy being productive this morning and touching wood that I don't get called into work.* The Summertime Hop in Edinburgh (where I have a stall - please come and visit!) is now only 6 days away. Eep! I've been sidetracked by embroidery, which has eaten into way too much of my crafting time, so I haven't managed to make all the ideas in my head come to fruition. Some of them may have to wait until after the markets, unfortunately. All this embroidering has also confirmed to myself that sewing definitely is what I'm allergic to (or sewing needles, at least) as my hands are very painful and are bleeding a lot again. It's very frustrating as I spent about 4 weeks putting on lotions and potions every half hour or so to get my hands to the (somewhat improved) stage they were at. I obviously like sewing a lot as I know the most sensible thing would be to stop doing it, but I just can't bring myself to do that. Why oh why? This crafting life is really a mystery to me...

Right, off to try to do things other than embroidery (though I hear it calling me).

* It may surprise you to learn that subtitlers, just like doctors and other people with the world's most important jobs (ha!) are often on call. Talking of my job, I did the subtitles for tomorrow night's EastEnders and I do recommend that you watch if you have been looking forward to Adam getting his comeuppance. It's a classic scene!


  1. i wonder if it's like a type of metal that the needles are made out of? I wonder if you can get different types?
    omg! you get to see eastenders in advance? that is awesome. your job sounds interesting!
    hope your hands get better soon!

  2. My mum has already located some gold-plated needles on the internet for me to try. I don't hold out much hope, as even fabric doesn't agree with me really these days, but I am going to give them a try. I also have some new turbo-powered cream from the doctor, which I am going to use once the next week or so of sewing (I'm not even pretending I'll be able to resist) is over. I really don't want to be forced into early retirement! :)

    Occasionally seeing EastEnders in advance is certainly one of the perks of my job, although I hadn't watched Thursdays and Fridays episodes when I had to do it, so it did ruin that for me a bit. And my job IS interesting, but sometimes only as interesting as the programme you are working on - and there is a lot of crap on TV!


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