Thursday, July 8, 2010

pussies galore (indulge me... or just skip to the end!)

Apparently I have only mentioned my cats in 26 of my 331 blog posts (which is not so bad) so I am not going to apologise for this bona fide cat lady (cat bore) blog post. Just look how cute they were being today. Aw...
This is Poppy - small but tough.
Here is Lola - made of fluff.
(Oh dear, I just wrote a poem about them. Maybe I should apologise after all...)
And lastly, Lola's tufty paw. Sigh...
OK, enough cat ladying (for now).
In the midst of all this cat gushing (and not much blogging) of late, I have actually been productive in the extreme! Yes, extreme productivity - I've become the Bear Grylls of the craft world. Well, nearly... I still don't think I've found a new 'direction' to fill the EastEnders shaped hole in my life (unless, possibly, that new direction is miniaturisation...) but I have had a lot of fun and have come up with a few new products. Here's a wee sneaky peak of one that I was working on today, but I'll have to come back when I have more decent photos to share because this does not do it justice at all. I've been so excited about this one that I literally have not been able to sleep some nights! That makes me think the EastEnders ban has been a good idea :)

All these new products are coming at a very good time as I have a stall at two very exciting events later this month and it will be good to see people's reactions to the new stuff first hand. The first event is the Made In The Shade Summertime Hop in Edinburgh on July 24th. This will be my very first market outside Glasgow and I'm really excited to be dragging my wares to meet a whole new audience in the capital! The second is the Pin Up Nights Festival in The Flying Duck (Glasgow) on July 30th. It's on from 9pm-3am, which is very exciting and rock and roll for a homebody/early-to-bed type like me! Mind you, I'm working till 8 that day and then heading straight there, so there is a chance I will embarrass myself by falling asleep behind my stall... Not so rock and roll! I'll try to start getting some half-decent photos of my progress and preparations to share with you here. More crafts, less cats - I promise!


  1. Love your cats, they always look so calm, unlike mine!

    And there must be something in the air, I too have been a bunting queen this week, spooky!!


  2. Yes, you are a catlady - and it's okay because they are cute :-)
    Sounds like the Eastenders ban is a good thing! I wonder what I could ban to increase my creative productivity....

  3. Cat paws and bunting. It doesn't get much better than that.

  4. I'm liking this cat and bunting love. Thanks :)

    And, Daisie, belive me, they are not ALWAYS this calm! Sunshine brings out that side in them.


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