Sunday, May 15, 2011

the hotel was grand

We stayed in the Grand Hotel again this year and really got into the cabaret. We went along most nights and had a great time. We even won the quiz one night. Woo hoo! The cabaret ranged from the not quite sublime (above) to the downright ridiculous (below).
This was the Bay City Rollers section of the '60s/'70s/'80s bonanza we saw on our last night.
The lady singer had her ankle bandaged all weekend, but didn't let it put her off her high heels and sequins. I'd say that image sums up the Grand fairly well and is why we love it oh so much.
Here's the giant staircase in the main lobby, designed to allow two ladies in crinoline dresses to pass. Crinoline dresses really must have been mighty wide because about eight people in modern attire can pass comfortably on these stairs.
Last but not least, here's a nice photo (although its a terrible photo of me) outside the hotel.

And that was our wee mini-break to Yorkshire. No Jimmy Saville sightings this year, but a lovely time was had nonetheless.

I'm still not back at work until next weekend so hopefully I'll make some headway in a few Craftathon 2011 activities. I haven't been as craftily productive as I might have liked in my time off so far, but the freezer is now full of home-cooked meals, the charity shops have been well and truly visited, the Eurovision Song Contest has been watched and my nasty cold is on its way out (touch wood) so no more excuses!

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