Sunday, May 15, 2011


Since we had an extra day in Scarborough (it was cheaper to pay for an extra night in the hotel than it was to travel on a Friday - bonus!) we decided to do at least one day trip. I really wanted to go to Hornsea to visit the pottery museum, but this turned out to be a rather lengthy journey by public transport, so we went to Whitby instead and both loved it. Hooray! It is such a pretty town.
Chalky the mermaid shows you the way to a beer garden.
Nautical images are everywhere, but you can never have too many nautical images as far as I'm concerned.
The nicest ice-cream van ever, with free Dracula's blood on every ice cream. Graham was very confused by all the gothic stuff going on in Whitby. Turns out he didn't know about the Dracula links. I really wanted to go into the overpriced tack of the Dracula Experience because they had Christopher Lee's real Dracula cloak and claimed it weighed over eight stone. Sadly, I was overruled, so we went for a pint instead.
This sign looked truly ancient. All the fabric was worn away behind the glass. Very lovely though.

Other Whitby highlights included a crazy knitting shop with a lovely display of the different Guernsey patterns from the surrounding areas and a pram full of four-week-old kittens who turned out to be orphaned. So cute but so sad :( Their owner was hand-rearing them and had a tiny bottle of milk with him for when they got hungry.


  1. I love Whitby even more than Scarborough :-)
    I didn't realise Hornesea had a museum. I recently became the new owner of the family dinner set made there in the 1970's, fab brown!

  2. Ooh, lucky you! I love Hornsea pottery. I think the museum is pretty small. I've seen a couple of photos on flickr etc and it looked good, but I wasn't sure of its opening hours (neither were tourist info in Scarborough) or whether it was worth the six hour round journey to get there and back. I'm definitely going to look into it for another year though.


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