Thursday, July 14, 2011

day in the life a.k.a. apparently I am a serial toast eater

Tanning is Toast by govango_crafts
Tanning is Toast, a photo by govango_crafts on Flickr.

I forgot to make any notes for Day In The Life (see Claire's blog here for details) so this is unreliably done by memory, doubly difficult when it was such an uneventful day.

7.45am - Wake up feeling a bit confused about whether or not Graham has got up for work or will have already left. I find him in the kitchen eating his breakfast. He mistakenly thinks I am getting up for the day and talks me into quizzing him on the billion and one product codes he is trying to learn for work. Once I have done that I go to the toilet and go back to bed, hoping for more sleep and fearing I might get called in to work until midnight and not be able to stay awake. I am not very good at late shifts at the moment and am still recovering from working late all weekend.

9.00 am - Realise I won't be getting back to sleep, so I wriggle out from under the two cats who are lying on my belly purring and cleaning each other's ears to make two slices of toast with raspberry jam. A few days ago when I made toast, the toaster caught fire and I've been too scared to use it since. Today I investigate more closely and realise Graham must have cleaned and fixed it, so I can go back to making toast the lazy way instead of under the grill. I eat my toast in front of the telly in my dressing gown. I think I watched Friends or something. I don't usually like it, but am really enjoying it for some reason.

10am ish - I decide to finish crocheting my granny square blanket. The cats cotton on to the crochet coming out, so I have to crochet at strange angles as they try to sit on the nearly finished blanket. This is annoying, but reassures me that the blanket must be really cosy :) I spend five minutes admiring the finished blanket (I like it!) before going to get washed and dressed. I don't have the energy to wash my hair, but doubt I'll be seeing anyone today anyway.

11 am ish - I am back on the sofa watching more telly (Country House Rescue or something?) and fancying going back to bed. I am very tired.

11.30 am - Double-check my phone to make sure work haven't tried to call me in. Allow myself to start thinking I am probably safe and will have the day off. I also start thinking that if I do have the day off, it is not too late to try and be productive. I consider doing what I had claimed I was going to do - tidying up the craft room, doing a stock take and having a rethink about how to sell off lots of stuff quick stylee. This seems like a dauntingly large job, so I decide to start a knitting project instead. I feel very excited about this, but at no point in the day do I summon the energy to look out the knitting pattern and my circular needles :(

Edit: Something I forgot... Somewhere between these two times the postman arrived with a DVD from lovefilm and a picture from my niece, Kim. It was a picture of a curly-haired girl standing outside an amazing house with lots of flowers and it was very bright. Looks like someone has discovered highlighters... This perked me up a bit :)

12ish - I make two more slices of toast, this time with garlic and herb Philadelphia. This makes me feel a bit better. I switch off the telly and sit down to write a long-overdue and oft-promised letter to Rachel, my penfriend of about 17 years. Over the last couple of years she has had nothing but Christmas and birthday cards with a quick hello inside, so it feels good to write a proper letter, plus I have fun news to share for once.

1.15pm - I make two more slices of toast and this time I put my special savoury concoction on them. I have been visiting nostalgic food of my past lately and, not having eaten this concoction for years, am now having it on an almost daily basis. I grate some cheddar cheese into a bowl and mix it up with tinned sweetcorn, tomato ketchup and a spoonful of mayonnaise. I am aware this sounds really disgusting, but I love it. I eat this concoction (along with some fruit for its health benefits) and indulge myself by watching both Home And Away and Neighbours. I know, I know... The only time I have left the sofa today is to make toast.

For the rest of the afternoon, I send a few emails and blog about the music of car journeys in the '80s and generally spend more time lounging on the sofa. I switch to Challenge (another guilty pleasure!) and watch some Blockbusters. The hairstyles are really hilarious. I feel ropey and have a fruit Pastille ice lolly because these are like medicine to me and make me feel much better. I give in to the urge I've had all day and have a good long nap on the sofa. I wake up covered in cats and creases.

5.30pm - I tear myself away from the sofa and Gladiators to test out the Dyson, which I got fixed at the Dyson doctor the day before. I had to wait for the washed filter to dry out before I could test drive it. Graham comes home just as I start hoovering, which makes me look like I have been very productive all day. Hmmm. To my delight, the Dyson is back to the standard of its glory days and picks up more dirt in the hall alone than you would expect to have in your whole house. I put the pasta bakes (with added broccoli) I prepared yesterday into the oven and continue hoovering the rest of the flat.

6.00pm - Graham and I eat pasta bake with garlic bread (hmm, that's a bit like toast with garlic, really, isn't it?) while listening to Get It On on Radio Scotland. The theme is songs that transport you back to a specific place. I say I can't think of any. Later on Graham reads my blog and points out I had blogged about songs that transported me back to a certain place before I even knew that was the theme. Still, I'm not sure I would have liked to have had my name read out with a request for Barbara Dixon or Cliff Richard! After dinner I phone my mum and hear all the latest news about my dad and the cat. The cat is still being bullied by a seagull and my dad is claiming the cat tried to seduce him when they were home alone one afternoon.

7.00pm - Graham and I watch the Tour De France. I have a microwaveable sticky toffee pudding while I do. Graham claims he is too full for his, but then sniffs mine until I cave in and give him some.

8.00 - 10.00pm - Graham and I catch up on our days. You can imagine he was in for a great treat hearing about my bum on the sofa in a variety of positions! We were planning to watch a film, but are both too sleepy so we watch another episode of BBC 4's series on perfume (a surprisingly interesting series) and then go to bed, read a few pages, cuddle up and go to sleep. Zzzzz!

So that is my Day In The Life for July 12th 2011. Please don't judge me - this level of toast consumption, sofa lounging and telly watching is not typical behaviour, I promise! You can find out who else has taken part in Day In The Life here. I think I can safely guarantee they will all have had more interesting days than me!


  1. Argh, I wish I'd done this- it looks like lots of fun. If there's another day in the life dealio going on anytime soon, count me in!

    Re toast: Embrace the toast. Toast is good.

  2. I think Claire is talking about making it a once-a-month deal, so there should be another one soon. I'll try to mention it here beforehand next time.

    And, for the record, I didn't have any toast yesterday and haven't had any today (yet!) either. Proof, if ever it were needed, that I am merely a toast fan and not a toast addict :)

  3. The dad/cat seduction made me laugh so much my eyeballs almost fell out!

    Thanks for joining in, I really enjoyed reading your post. Nikki, join us next time! :)

  4. And I didn't even mention that this seductive cat is a half-blind OAP with three legs...


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