Sunday, July 31, 2011

I saw some great stuff today

Despite spending 99% of the day at work, I saw some great stuff today. These woven patches by Karen Barbe (complete with tutorial) are so pretty and look kind of achievable. I was getting worried about all the unticked items on my Craftathon 2011 list, but I think these would be a brilliant first mini weaving project. I'm very excited about trying them and should add that I found them via whipup. I'm so glad I've been inexplicably saving cereal boxes lately :)
I came across these amazing ojos de dios, or god's eyes as I always called them, through someone in my circle on etsy. They're made by a man called Jay Mohler and you can see his etsy shop (bursting at the seams with beautiful ojos de dios) here.
When I first opened my etsy shop, my friend Jennifer sent me a link to this cartoon by Natalie Dee. Oh, it does make me chuckle, especially since Jennifer and I used to make god's eyes together when we were in the good old Girl Guides. They looked much more like the one in this cartoon than the fabulous one above!
I walked home from work tonight because public transport doesn't exist at times you might need it on a Sunday (bah!) and I couldn't face getting a taxi. It's a bit of a long walk to undertake post-work and pregnant, but my spirits were lifted at a vital moment of exhaustion when I heard beautiful music coming from somewhere within the park. Eventually I spotted a man sheltering from the rain under a tree and playing one of these instruments, which is apparently called a balafon. It made a very lovely sound that almost made me cry, but then I was also in tears at the end of Crocodile Dundee 2 last night... It's me bleedin' hormones, guv'nor!


  1. You went to a cool girl guides, we never made anything as fab as that :-)
    Love the weaving thing.

  2. We did lots of great crafts at Guides actually. Macrame owl brooches were definitely my favourite. If I did a Craftathon 2012 I think it could be made up entirely of revisiting the crafts of 6th Elgin Girl Guides circa early '90s!

    Think I had a dream about the woven circles last night... Definitely had a dream that my mum was pregnant!


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