Saturday, July 23, 2011

monkey business

Birthday Monkey by mooosh ♥ miso funky
Birthday Monkey, a photo by mooosh ♥ miso funky on Flickr.

Recently I've been hearing some strange noises coming from somewhere on the street outside our house. I usually hear them after dark and assumed it was a wily fox up to no good. But this morning I am sitting in the living room in broad daylight (unable to sleep past 5.30am as usual) and I heard the screaming chatter more noisily than ever. It actually sounds like a monkey species, and not the sort of friendly monkey species who might get a job as a yellow coat either. I feel like I'm in the jungle. While I was contemplating the thought of vicious monkeys on the street outside (I am not a monkey fan at all) something jumped into the tree branches right outside the window and started rocking the whole tree. Eep! I suspect this was the squirrel that sometimes stops by to torment the cats, but it still gave me a terrible fright. I'll be looking out for beady eyes, wrinkly fingers, yellow fangs and bared gums next time I leave the house. Shudder!

I wonder if the mysterious night-time garden visitor from a few months back was also of the ape variety, maybe a gorilla or an orangutan... Oh no! What a horrible thought!


  1. Perhaps you're suffering from lack of sleep, who knew there were monkeys in Scotland? :-D

  2. You could be right! Talking of which, time for bed.


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