Saturday, September 1, 2012


Here's a wee whistle-stop photo tour of the holiday we went on a few weeks ago.  We were in Aberfeldy and long-time readers may recall that we have been there a few times before.  It was quite strange and rather a different experience to go back to a pre-baby place with the baby in tow.  We had a quiet week and despite the rain (see below) and insane/scary thunder and lightning, there was the odd spot of sunshine to lift our spirits now and again.  Dulcie, for reasons known only to herself, was going to bed very early and sleeping all night (well, up once a night) so was also rising early.  She and I managed to breakfast al fresco a couple of times (see above) but always with threatening black clouds somewhere in the background.
She quite enjoyed holding the umbrella on the rainy days and I was very grateful for my new waterproof jacket!
Every morning a family of three ducks would come and tap on the window to ask for any breakfast leftovers, much to Dulcie's delight.
The youngest duck managed to sneak in while Dulcie's back was turned and then panicked and ran headfirst into the glass in its attempt to get back out.  Amidst much flapping of wings and arms, I managed to set him free once again and cheer him up with a bit of toast.
We went swimming five days out of seven so got to see Dulcie sporting her swimming suits.  I think she liked the pool, although she looked quite serious/bewildered most of the time we were in there.  The first day, we tried to go swimming before her morning nap and she just floated on her back with her thumb in her mouth, trying to sleep in the pool.
We managed to keep her awake and afloat while we were in the pool, but she conked out on the sofa as soon as we got home.  The rest of the week we went swimming post-nap and she was a bit more energetic and interested in her watery surroundings.
We managed to get out for a couple of nice walks on the dry days and stopped off in a country pub for much less booze than we used to drink there.
I had half a pint of shandy and felt rather tipsy.  Oh, how times have changed!  Dulcie must have got tipsy from the fumes too.  We weren't quite dancing on the tables, but there was a fair amount of giggling and canoodling going on.
It really wasn't that warm so we were glad of the ripple blanket.

My mum and dad joined us for a couple of days and even looked after Dulcie while Graham and I went out for dinner, just the two of us.  We had a nice evening, but mainly spoke about Dulcie!  Another highlight was a day trip to Dunkeld for lunch and a browse round the shops and the annual amateur-art exhibition.  We made an unusual purchase in an antique shop (spurred on by that tropical island holiday feel, I think) but more on that some other time.

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