Tuesday, September 18, 2012

last week

Glamorous geggies!
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I'm six days behind myself (I tried to squeeze a bit too much clearing out into the last days of my mum's visit and have left myself in a bit of a fankle with stuff pulled out of every drawer and not quite put back in anywhere - schoolboy error!) but I wanted to leave a note to my future self here about two things that happened on Wednesday of last week. 

First of all, at the ripe old age of 32, I got my first ever filling. I hadn't been to the dentist in a while and had built it all up in my head to be a big/scary deal, but I forced myself to be sensible and make an appointment while a) my mum was here to take care of Dulcie and b) my year of free dental treatment hadn't run out. I used all the horrible medical procedures of the past year to good effect in persuading myself to go and be not afraid in the first place. Hark at me turning a negative into a positive! Much as it smarts a little to be toppled from my perfect-teeth pedestal, I am pleased to report that I'm not really bothered. One tiny filling (it was only a wee one) at the age of 32 and post-baby is really pretty good going if you ask me. My geggies are still perfectly glamorous!

The second momentous event of Wednesday was that I finally succeeded in eating beef! I got my mum to cook a beef and vegetable stir fry for us (making sure not to see the beef in its uncooked state) and I ate every last drop. The beef was not too horrendous to me, just surprisingly... underwhelming. And that's not a comment on my mum's cooking as the stir fry as a whole was really delicious! The experience has left me feeling kind of like meat is not worth it, but glad that I'm a huge step closer to being able to eat meat if I need/want to. That was Dulcie's first experience of meat too (if you don't count fish) and she wasn't convinced to begin with but did give it a good go eventually.

There's plenty of more interesting snippets for me to share (more interesting to anyone who might read this anyway) but when I will get to share them is anybody's guess. My mum's visit was THE BEST but I'm finding it hard to slot back into multitasking mother mode again. See you on the other side...

ps The pictures at the top of this post are from a shop in Partick (Glasgow) that always amuses me. That's not where I got my filling, incidentally!

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