Friday, September 28, 2012

unlikely allies

 A strange thing has happened over the last few days.  Poppy, the world's grumpiest cat, a hisser and a spitter, has decided that she and Dulcie could be friends.  Here they are having a good snuggle up this afternoon.  Dulcie was loving it, Poppy was tolerating it.  We were watching with bated breath, ready to detach cat claws from baby flesh at a moment's notice!
"Tolerating" is definitely the right word to describe Poppy's general attitude towards Dulcie's rather grabby brand of cat stroking, but I have actually heard her purring once or twice.

I wonder how long it will be before Dulcie discovers that cats have claws.  I'm sure it's inevitable, but in the meantime I'm just enjoying this rather bizarre new relationship.  I never thought Poppy would be so accepting of having a baby in her life/space.  Lola (the world's most friendly and least violent cat ever) put up with hair pulling for a while, but now scarpers every time Dulcie comes near her.  Unfortunately for Lola, Dulcie is quite determined to catch her.  If someone holds both Dulcie's hands she can move her feet in a walking fashion.  Ordinarily it takes a good ten seconds for her to co-ordinate each and every step (the concentration!) but when she sees Lola, she sprints across the room so fast her feet are a blur.  Fortunately for Lola, Dulcie has not quite mastered the art of changing direction, so the cat can usually escape in the same way you or I would try to escape a crocodile.

p.s. We have not gone crazy and bought white furniture, we have just put the covers in the wash :)

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