Thursday, March 28, 2013

nearly-new shoes

Just dropping by to share (better late than never) this super-sweet picture of Dulcie taken about four weeks ago, trying on her first pair of proper shoes.  We got them in Clarks, where they take a photograph of the occasion and give you this little souvenir booklet.  I love the way Dulcie's picture turned out - she looks so pleased with herself (as she was!) and it's definitely one to stash away in a safe place for a future nostalgia-fest.
 These are the shoes she got.  They were actually the only ones in the shop that fitted her skinny little feet, but I was quite pleased with them, being the least pink and least patent pair they had.  Since getting them, she's been having lots of fun toddling around the park, when it's not been too cold.  I've had enough of this freezing weather!
It didn't take Dulcie long to master the art of velcro, unfortunately.
 Dulcie thinks she's the bees knees when she's got her swanky shoes on.  We were taking some bags to the charity shop when I took this picture and she was completely oblivious to how much of a bag-lady she looked.  Check out that leg hanging over the side of her pushchair!  Too cool for school, Dulcie!  This jacket she's wearing is her other favourite thing in the world.  She's verging on a jacket obsession and pats her chest with both hands saying, "Daddet," whenever she's wearing it.


  1. Love them! I went shoe shopping with my four-year-old today, and ended up buying him something far more black and wintery, and far less glamorous. I am sure Dulcie is the envy of all her playground friends :)

    1. I much preferred all the boys' shoes we saw, but couldn't bring myself to go all-out macho for her first pair. If only there was a more unisex middle ground...


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