Friday, March 22, 2013

on my wall (wonders will never cease)

 Despite having bought these pictures in August of last year, I am blogging about them in a rush, so excuse the poor photos, taken on my phone in the half-light of an energy saving light bulb on a snowy evening.  Well, what do you think?  They're kind of love them or hate them, I know.  Amazingly, Graham and I (who never agree on anything to do with interior design/wall art) both love them.  We found them in a great little antique shop while on a day trip to Dunkeld.  Ignore the bunkum sitting underneath them.  I was experimenting (about a month ago!) and haven't got around to finalising these "arrangements".  I wish I had the knack of displaying little things in groups, but they never ever look right.  I think perhaps I need to be more selective, something I'm not great at.  Those little cups and eggcups are destined to hold succulents (once I decide which ones to use and how to arrange them).  The pictures are just a few family snaps that I should probably update and reframe at some point.  At what point, I do not know!
 Anyway, back to the pictures.  They're from the 1960s, by a Mexican artist called Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo.  This one is called "Future Scientist"...
...and this one is called "The Love Letter".

Kind of creepy, kind of great.

Will it be another 9.5 years before Graham and I agree on anything to do with the house?  Quite possibly.

Anyone have any top tips on creating little object groupings on surfaces?  I think I need help...


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous! Very Mark Ryden? (Hope you're feeling better) Julie x

    1. I didn't know Mark Ryden, but I just googled him and can definitely see what you mean. Ours are a BIT less creepy, though, I think. Thank goodness!

      ps Posted a little something to you earlier today... (presuming you are THAT Julie!)

  2. Fantastic pictures just not sure I could stand to look at them all day and as for small groups of beautifully arranged objects, well, the children like to dump stuff on any surface available so I ahve given up all hope and just put things where there is space. Cluttered is a style after all?!

    How are you feeling now?


    1. Well, that is one of the problems with these arrangements - Dulcie has become very interested in the family photos all of a sudden and if she can't reach them, will just pull the table runner out from under them. Argh! Quite sweet though, as she points us out in the pictures and says "Mum", "Dad-dad" and something like "Dudah" (for Dulcie).

      I'm doing OK - still not sleeping too well and am stiff and tired in the morning, but the wound is healing up pretty well and my paracetamol intake is definitely lower, thank goodness! And I made it to the cinema this afternoon too :)

    2. Glad you got to the cinema :) x


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