Monday, March 25, 2013

tea for three (generations)

Yesterday we took my mum out for lunch to thank her for all her hardcore grannying.  By the time evening came, we were still fairly full from our midday feast, but I didn't want not to eat, so we revisited an age-old Donald family tradition of a sandwich tea by the fire.  Any excuse to bust out one of my cake stands!  There were sandwiches (cheese and onion, egg mayonnaise) and cakes plus a pot of tea for my mum and I and a beaker of milk for Dulcie.
Dulcie had a slice of French toast.  She started off on the floor...
...then moved to the couch beside her granny (since the cats were trying to steal her food) and then we ended up bringing her high chair through because she was seeming a bit confused and not eating much.

I love these types of teas.  We used to have them fairly regularly on Sunday evenings when I was wee (because we'd usually have a big Sunday lunch) but particularly during the winter months.  The teapot would be kept warm by the fire while we munched our way through sandwiches and cakes galore, usually wathcing the Sunday evening winter drama on the BBC, The Chronicles Of Narnia or something similar.  It was fun to continue this tradition with Dulcie.  Now, if only we could persuade her father...

ps Apologies for yet more dreadful photos!

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