Monday, July 15, 2013

accidental collection #1

Marceline recently wrote a blog post about blogging.  According to Marceline's guidelines, I am doing quite a number of things wrong, or should I say I could do quite a number of things better, so I decided to take her advice on board.  One piece of advice was something along the lines of not saying you're going to do something which you don't then deliver (I do that a lot and I'm just about to do it again now) but I can't change everything all at once now, can I?  So the piece of advice I am going to start following with immediate effect is to have some regular features and this is the first of those - accidental collections.  I'm sure I must have heaps of things lying around my house that I haven't really meant to collect, so there's probably enough blog material in this to keep me going for at least a year.  I'd love to say I was going to post about my accidental collections on a given day each and every week (maybe I'll get to that stage at some point) but that is not the way my life rolls at the moment, so you'll have to accept this half-arsed attempt, more of a semi-regular feature.  I have a couple of other feature ideas in mind too, some that I used to blog about that I'm planning to resurrect, as well as an idea I've had for a zine for years (again, Marceline's doing as I was meant to complete it for her Zine Challenge this year and last year, but failed on both counts) that I thought might be easier begun on my blog, in the hope I can zinefy it from there at a later date.  So watch this space, but not too closely.  (I always say that, don't I?  That's because I am a naughty blogger who repeatedly promises and blatantly fails to deliver.)

So without further ado, here follows accidental collection #1 - cross-stitched letters with old-fashioned girls on them.

The first cross-stitched letter I acquired was the L, my own initial, with the skipping girl.  I found this in a charity shop which is one of my favourites and also one with old-school prices of pretty much everything being under £1.  I probably paid about 50p for this.  It sat on the shelves in my now sadly demised craft room and made me quite happy.  Then, years later in 2012, I received the cross-stitched H in the advent calendar my sister gave me.  An advent calendar full of 24 gifts, mostly gleaned from charity shops or down the back of sofas, is a long-standing annual tradition between us.  I wasn't too sure what to do with a cross-stitched H really and that was the moment an annoying idea (I get these a lot, you might know them better as "a hare-brained scheme") was born.  I decided I had to get more cross-stitched letters, specifically an E, another L and an O.  My plan is to have a cross-stitched HELLO to hang, probably above my crafting desk (once that exists) as I doubt Graham will countenance its presence elsewhere.  I am also willing to consider following this plan without the letter O, so that I can have a cross-stitched HELL.  That just amuses me, but I would prefer HELLO if possible.  I thought this could be a very long-term challenge indeed, but I acquired the E just a few short months later.  I was at my mum's local recycling centre in May when my mum spotted the cross-stitched E in a box of frames and said, "Do you think we should get this for Elsie?" (Elsie is my youngest niece.)  There was no way Elsie was getting that letter!  I was given a bulk price for an armful of items that day, but I think we'd be talking 20-50p for this one.  

I wonder how long it will be before I find the other L and the O so I can hang these on my wall instead of just having them hanging around...?  I'm determined that they all have to be acquired by chance like these first three (though that doesn't mean I won't check eBay etc from time to time) and I am certainly not allowed to make/commission one.  That would be cheating and, besides, it would look funny in its newy-newness beside these slightly stained and sun-aged ones.

So that was the first of my many accidental collections.  I hope you enjoyed this insight into why my house is a disaster area :)


  1. What a sweet accidental collection! I love the fact that it is incomplete, allowing you to add to it when an opportunity presents itself.

    However, the letters you do have may work on their own, as they spell out the name of a fascinating being in Norse mythology. "Hel" is the female ruler of the underworld, as scary as she is powerful, with a face that is half black and half white, and the sister of a wolf and a sea serpent. Not a bad name to have on your wall until you locate another "L" and an "O"? :)

    1. Oooh! Or I could look out for U, D and R instead and spell "hulder"! :)


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