Tuesday, July 16, 2013

park it!

I already mentioned in a previous post that we had been spending our evenings picnicking (?) and playing in the park, but I wanted to post these photos (stolen from Graham's phone) for my own sense of posterity.  Here's Dulcie with Doggie, her constant companion.  She's had him since Christmas, I think, but he (along with anything else dog-related) is flavour of the month.  He has a string, so she can pull him along behind her and he squeaks as he goes.  She is so happy taking him for walks.
Bubbles are another firm favourite for the great outdoors, although they do take a bit more parent participation.  Dulcie tries to blow them herself (and, amazingly, has succeeded a few times) but generally this just involves licking a bit of soapy bubble mix off the wand.  Eugh.
You might notice Dulcie wearing this Peppa Pig T-shirt a lot in recent photos.  She is Peppa obsessed.  Graham's mum got her some terrible Peppa Pig books a while back and it all stemmed from there.  I don't think she's really been exposed to the hype surrounding Peppa Pig, so I don't get what the major appeal is, but she howls and cries if this T-shirt is too dirty to wear and has to be coaxed into whatever else is available, shouting, "Pig! Pig! Pig!" all the while.  At least it's weather appropriate...for now!

I'm hoping we'll manage to squeeze in at least one evening picnic this week.  You've got to make the most of the blue skies while they last, haven't you?

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