Tuesday, July 23, 2013

bathing belles

As well as hanging out in the park this weekend, we also managed a couple of outings, including this one to see the Bathing Belles exhibition at Scotland Street School Museum, all about the history of swimming in Glasgow and beyond.  It's a small exhibition, but really good, with lots of examples of old swimming suits and bikinis.  This one I'm wearing was definitely a reproduction and was probably intended for people smaller than I, but I can't resist trying on a historical outfit.
Graham kindly posed for the camera too... and did an annoyingly better job than me at it too.  Harumph.  Gosh, talk about stripe overload!
Scotland Street exhibitions always have plenty to keep the little ones entertained, but I think this is the first time we've been there with a little one of our own to take advantage.
This little house was a big hit, as were all the noisy seascape toys.
Toys and houses for Dulcie meant that Graham and I actually got to look at the exhibits and also managed to feel like we were really hanging out together rather than working opposing baby-wrangling shifts.

Interesting facts: water polo was invented in Glasgow (what?!) and the first commercial bikini was small enough to fit in a matchbox.  Wowsers.

I think the exhibition runs until just after new year, so plenty of time to catch it if you think you fancy it.


  1. I love the stripped vintage swim suit! You both look good in it! Dulcie looks very cute in the little house. I love looking at exhibitions too, its really good you got to go as a family together and there was lots for Dulcie to do, safxxx

    1. For the photo, I'd much rather have taken off my shorts to avoid all those unsightly lumps and bumps, but it didn't seem quite appropriate somehow... ;)


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