Wednesday, September 3, 2014

sights of the underground

 Dulcie really likes getting the underground - swiping my smartcard, riding the escalators, waiting on the platform, making new aquaintances on the train...  It's probably faster than walking, on balance, but there's always plenty of distractions and things to look at to slow us down.  At the moment, this poster of my celebrity lookalike is a big draw.  "It's Mum with Happy Birthday on her hair!"

 It always takes us at least ten minutes to exit Hillhead Station because Dulcie likes to have a good look at Alasdair Gray's mural.  I'm always pretty happy to stop and look at it, too, to be honest.  I think it's great.

"Do not let daily to-ing and fro-ing
To earn what we need to keep going
Prevent what you once felt when wee,
Hopeful and free."

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