Tuesday, September 30, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 21)

Stovies!  We always had them with beetroot and oatcakes too, but I never realised that was a "thing".  I think I might make stovies tonight.  Yum.  Once I made stovies before a dance class and everyone I danced with complained they could smell soup.  How embarrassing...

6th June 1988
Went to beach in Cullen because it is very very hot.

7th June 1988
Extra dancing.  Singing today.

8th June 1988
Granny Arrived Today.  I Meant Tonight.  Islay Granny not Huntly Granny.

9th June 1988

10th June 1988 Julia coming over/Stovie Dance
Today Kerry got a brace (of pheasants).

[Comedy genius at the age of 8.  Wow.]

11th June 1988 Dad's birthday
Today I went to see Barry and Mark and Mathew.  I went with Huntly Granny.

12th June 1988
Went to church.  Won pound.  Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very hot.

[I wonder what I won the pound for...]


  1. Hmmn. Was the pound a prize for Sunday School? Was the trip to Cullen the same one where Kraig reversed up the only rock on the beach to do a poop right at the top, I wonder?

    1. A pound seems kind of a hefty prize for Sunday school, doesn't it? But I can't think where else I might have won it! I always though Kraig pooped on the lone rock after we moved to Elgin, but why I would think/remember that, I have no idea!


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