Tuesday, September 16, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 19)

I know I have one somewhere, but I can't lay my hands on a picture of poor Percy right now.  Here's a picture of a GOAL KEEPER (GK) netball vest instead.  I was so excited to play on the netball team - my only ever sporting achievement experience.  Despite the relatively few words this week, there are lots of things here that have stayed as very strong memories to me.

23rd May 1988
I didn't want to go swimming today so I didn't go.

24th May 1988
Today I got singing with the big ones.  I am one of one Joseph's brothers.  Maybey.  Maybe.

Today is the twenty fifth of May as Rigadon would say.  Emma and I were are netball substatutes.  Julia came over to play we played witches.

26th May 1988
Today I went to brownies.  Mr Scott was babysitting Kerry and I.

27th May 1988
Today I went to the netball tourniment tournament.  Emma and I were both put on for the last game.  I was GOAL KEEPER (GK).  Emma was WING DEFENCE (WD).  In my beetle story Lyndsey got squashed.  In Garry's story Mr Scott gets squashed.

28th May 1988 Mum and dad are stupid.
                                                  1 Percy
                                                  2           was
                                                  3                  run
                                                  4                       over.
                                                  5 He die
                                                  6       died
                                                  7              straight
                                                  8                         away.
                                                  9 It
                                                  10  is
                                                  11     a
                                                  12        lovely
                                                  13                 day.
                                                  14 I
                                                  15   got
                                                  16        a
                                                  17           mouse
                                                  18 with lavender in it.

29th May 1988
KERRY and I were bored so we went on a bike ride.  Mum was going to come but she discovered she had a flat tyre.  Well she had a puncher really.  We went up to the mudheaps.  The hill is quite steep so we had to walk up and we went down very quickly.  In the morning we went to church.  I made a picture with sticky shapes.  Granny and Frances came to visit us.  They stayed from 2.00 until 5.00.

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