Friday, November 21, 2014


My mum and dad were in Islay recently for my cousin's wedding and while they were there they kidnapped my home-loving granny (a.k.a. the Cailleach) and FORCED her to come back to the mainland with them for a wee break.  Dulcie and I went to visit them all today.  Dulcie was a bit shy with the Cailleach for most of the afternoon but came round eventually, managed to have a good giggle with her and gave her a big cuddle before we left.  Here's a wee snap of the four generations together - Dulcie, me, my granny and my mum.  I'd say this is a very rare sight, but it did happen around this time last year too.

And here's a nice one of Dulcie and the Cailleach together :)

I'm feeling very behind in my blogging, most particularly in terms of some great times I've had with Dulcie lately.  Halloween was awesome, bonfire night was awesome, Dulcie's birthday was awesome.  (We watched the Lego Movie with my nieces and nephew last week - everything is awesome!)  I know some of these things seem very last-month but I am still going to blog about them all, hopefully very soon.  I might start with the birthday since I've actually had a bona fide request to see the cake!

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