Wednesday, November 26, 2014

body shopping

I had a hospital appointment last week and treated myself to a wee wander through town on the way home - browsing in Paperchase, eating free cake in John Lewis... You know how I roll!  Anyway, for some reason I went into the Body Shop, maybe for the first time in about a decade.  I tend to find it a bit sweet, fruity and overpowering usually, but I found a couple of really fun items this time around.

First up was this atomiser-type object above.  The contents looked solid and I was rather confused as to how it might work.  Turns out it's called a Sparkler and when you squeeze the bulb it showers you with the finest and most even dusting of shimmery glitter ever!  Dulcie and I always cover ourselves with "fairy dust" testers in Boots etc, but this was in a whole sparkly league of its own plus no need to get your fingertips covered.  I couldn't justify buying it, what with my hermit-like existence, but I was seriously tempted and may yet change my mind.  I even considered getting it as a lavishly expensive treat for Dulcie because she'd be in heaven if I let her go wild and scoosh the whole lot in a oner.  But, you know, that's the sort of thing I'd do if I had a wipe-clean home and a member of staff to wipe it, which I don't.  But, oh, the fun we could have had!  This comes in a variety of scents/colours.  The scent wasn't really noticeable (good, I say, though maybe it would become noticeable as you sprayed more) and the difference in colours once it was on the skin was subtle, but the vanilla brulee one definitely had the warmest tone and was my favourite.
I know I suggested I don't really like the smell of Body Shop products so much, but their glazed apple range (maybe a Christmas special?) is lovely.  It has a slight sharpness to its sweetness.  The soap came in this very nice Tunnocks-rip-off packaging too!  I'm kind of wishing I'd got the home fragrance oil now, it might be a nice (less spicy) alternative to my usual Christmas smell selection.  Our oil burner is quite the wintery tradition - so cosy.

Apparently you can get 35% off all online orders over £15 at the moment with the code JOY.  So if ever I was going to treat myself to a ridiculous glitter atomiser for looking sparkly around the house, this would be the time.  I think I'll resist, lovely idea though it is :)


  1. Ooh... The sparkler sounds lovely. I love the idea of using it all in one go - but I guess that's an activity that would work best outside... :) Perhaps on New Year's Eve?

    1. I'll tell Dulcie she can do it if she's still awake for the bells ;)


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