Tuesday, November 4, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 25)

We found a fish for you, could we please have our umbrella back.  Limited edition 11x14 print by Matte Stephens.
Print by Matte Stephens.

4th July 1988
Today we went swimming.  I met a man that was working on the porch and he said is your mom mom at home.

5th July '88
Watched a film until 11 o'clock.

6th July
Tidied our bedroom.

7th July 1988
I got two of the workmens (on our porch) aughtographs.  One of them is Steven Moir and the other one is George Wright.  It is quite a hot day.  But we did hear some thunder.  They didn't do kisses so I did some for them.  I wanted to say to Steven will you marry me Stevy Wevy.
[Har!  Then there are my copies of their signatures.]

8th July 1988
Went to bank in Huntly.

9th July 1988
Arrived at Fife.

10th July 1988
We went to water life.  I liked the seals and sealions best.

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