Sunday, March 29, 2009

drat my pin feathers!

Yes, I am sick with a horrible cold but, as the bird says, it ain't nesting time so I am trying to get on with things!  Sort of...  I'm doing things but not exactly what I should be doing...
Graham and I went wandering yesterday afternoon, round the charity/antique type shops, and I bought this card.  I'm going to put it in a frame but I can't quite decide if I like the inside or the outside best.  "Drat my pin feathers!" might be my new favourite expression but I also like the complete lack of sympathy on the inside.  It might spur me into action on lazy days.
I had to buy this polar bear.  I was about to make myself leave him behind (he was quite expensive considering his dirty and balding condition) until Graham described him as a sad looking old thing and then I knew I would be wistful every time I thought of him...  He is dirty and tatty but so cute and I do love him.  I'm liking polar bears a lot just now in general but I think it might be the influence of fashion as they do seem to be popping up about the place quite frequently these days.
The polar bear had a narrow escape during the photo shoot.  Above is Lola's mouth just split seconds before she picked the poor polar bear up and tried to leg it.  I don't know whether she was thinking of him as food or as a kitten but I saved him either way.  
I got these sweet little drawers for a bargain £1.  The fabric is lovely.  I must have been drawn to grubby looking things yesterday...  I don't know if I'll risk cleaning these but I will give the insides a bit of a dusting at least.
These buttons were not so bargainous but I couldn't resist.  Those cunning people in Oxfam had split their button loot so that there were a couple of extra special buttons in each bag.  Sneaky.  I have a plan for these buttons.  I shared it with the man in Oxfam and he looked at me like I was some kind of evil genius... or just plain evil.  I don't think my plan is evil but it might be genius!  They do say simple plans are the best.

I'd better go and blow my nose and get on with this pesky job application I've been  doing all day.  I've 'just' got the statement bit still to write and I don't feel too inspired or positive.  Sniff.  Cough.  Sniff.


  1. Cute drawers, a very cute card, a very very cute polar bear and some buttons? I've got to come to your charity shops!!

  2. Yes, it was a bit of a buying frenzy yesterday... I'm not always that lucky - there are a lot of hardened charity shoppers round these parts.

  3. you have such great charity shops! Great stash of buttons :)

  4. so cute, how could you be ill after looking at that. I'm reading it in the voice of the woman from tom and jerry cartoons! Excellent charity shop finds, they are getting wise round my way :(

  5. Emma, I read it in the Tom and Jerry woman voice too! The very first time I read it aloud, I had to follow it by a hearty, "Thomas!" Clearly written by some kind of literary genius if we're all 'hearing' the same voice :)

  6. Love those drawers, great find! I think there is a sort of 'charity shop karma' where the many faithful hours spent searching fruitlessly are paid off in one amazing haul!

  7. My sister always maintains there is a charity shop karma but her version says that if you want something, you think about it and pretty soon you'll find it in a charity shop. This has worked for me a few times. In fact, I have quite a collection of good karma charity shopping stories. I will have to blog about them some day.

    I'm going on a full day's charity shopping on Tuesday - I hope this haul hasn't used up my share of luck! Strictly speaking the card and the polar bear were not found in a charity shop so maybe I'll be ok :)


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