Monday, March 16, 2009

make like a banana and...

I have become giveaway obsessed.  As soon as I touched my evening banana, it developed these strange stigmata.  I didn't do it!  Honest!  I think you should do what the mystical banana says.  Who knows what power it possesses...?  Besides, at this rate you have a one in three chance of winning something and those are not bad odds at all.  
The tartan fabric in the background is actually very lovely, though you wouldn't necessarily know it from this photo.  Perhaps the creepy banana does not set it off to its best advantage...  I bought this fabric (and another tartan piece) while charity shopping this weekend and am thinking it would make a most adorable pointy kitty.  But do I really know anyone else who needs a pointy kitty?  I'm not cutting into it yet, just in case I am struck by further inspiration.

Our trip to Paisley was fun (every second door there seems to take you into a charity shop) but was not without its typical daytrip-a-la-Laura traits, namely getting to the abbey (one of the main reasons for our trip) ten minutes after it closed.   This is very typical of me, as my poor cousin (all the way from Australia) found out when she visited recently.
To quell our disappointment, we dined on eggs, chips and beans (most delicious) at Castelvecchi, surrounded by this beautifully patterned formica, before heading home for some beers and a half decent film.  Not a bad Saturday for a couple of uninspired sleepy heads really.

Before I go, did I mention that you should


  1. Castelvecchi - most lovely formica - some serious crafting could be done with that pattern.

  2. Yes, I was thinking it would make some sort of great background for... something? I'm hoping inspiration will hit me some day soon!


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