Tuesday, March 24, 2009

shameless self promotion

The lovely Claire at Miso Funky has just emailed me to let me know that she will be taking some of my wares to a couple of craft markets this weekend, and I thought I'd share this precious nugget of information with you, just in case anybody wants to... you know... peruse my wares and... maybe... b-u-y something?

What might you find there?

Eastenders embroideries!  I think there is only one mini Pat left (the one shown here is a full size version) but I do plan to get stitching again soon (soonish...!) so watch this space for more Dots, Pats and maybe even a few other much loved characters and their dogs.
Zip brooches!  Claire has even started tipping me off about vintage zip sources, all top secret of course.  Dagnammit, she's good - even when she's not working she's working, and always on the ball.
Big Daddy lino prints, all framed and ready to go, should also be there...
... along with a few hulder gocco prints!
If you were disappointed to miss out on the giveaway, or would just like to see some of these in real life, then this weekend is the ideal time to do it.  

You can find Claire (and my wares) on the Miso Funky stall at:
 Raspberry Beret at Nuarts studios, King Street, Glasgow on 
(Saturday 12-5)
Glasgow Craft Mafia Market at Mono, Kings Court, Glasgow on 
(Sunday 1-6)

I was planning to pop down to the market on Sunday anyway as the Craft Mafia markets are always full of brilliant things to inspire me (to spend money I should probably save).  The Raspberry Beret thing is a new market that I know very little about but it sounds fun, and most definitely worth a visit.

If you can't make it along to either of these, remember (never forget) that you can always buy my things here through the 'good old-fashioned' online method.

I'm just not cut out for the business/marketing side of pro crafting...  I'm off to scrub myself repeatedly now until I feel less grubby! 

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