Monday, January 21, 2013

fruity bowly

 Dulcie can't get enough of beans with toast and cream cheese.  Or bananas.
I can't get enough of oranges suddenly, which can be no bad thing.  I cut them up into exactly eight pieces, give one slice to Dulcie and sook the living daylights out of the other seven, quick stylee... leaving an unphotogenic scene like the one above!

I recently moved our fruit bowl from the worktop to the kitchen table and I think it is making us eat more fruit.  I've also started washing apples etc BEFORE they go in the bowl so they are ready to grab and eat without leaving the comfort of my chair.  All good little changes, I think.

We found our groovy vintage fruit bowl in a Swiss/French charity shop in October.  It turned out my sister had bought the very same bowl in another charity shop just a few weeks before.  It's a Guzzini, don't you know?  There's a much better picture of the same bowl here.  I wish I didn't have to rely on other people's photos to make my life look good...


  1. Now that is a nice fruit bowl :) And I love getting bargains in France!

    1. Thanks. France is the best, isn't it? My sister sent me a photo of some of her button finds this week and, if it wasn't for pesky work and hospital appointments, I would have been straight onto EasyJet to arrange flights so I could have had a closer look!


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