Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I'm back with another video for all the people who read this blog purely for Dulcie news.  I don't have much time or brain space for any other type of blogging at the moment.  I can post these videos while Dulcie and I eat breakfast and she's quite happy as long as I let her watch the video over and over again in between bursts of typing.

Here is Dulcie playing the organ and singing along, a technique she has picked up from her father.  I've seen her sing more concentratedly than this (she was a bit distracted by the camera as you can see) but those facial expressions are classic Dulcie at the organ.  Excuse the mucky face and (lack of) outfit - we filmed this just after a very messy dinner last night.

Not much else to report really.  I did my first late shift at work this week and it was horrendous - everything that could go wrong went wrong and I think my brain had pretty much shut down from 10pm onwards, just when I needed it most.  But the good news is that Dulcie and her dad got on just fine without me, so I suppose that is the main thing.  I'm slowly getting used to my new (and increased) medications so Dulcie and I have been getting on OK without my mum's assistance for the last few days.  It's been lovely cold weather so we've been going for long walks and hanging out in the park a lot, going on the swings etc.  The healthy eating side of the resolution has been going pretty well too - not perfect, but good and sustainable, and certainly helped by the freezer bulging with healthy homemade meals to dip into now and again.  I bought some wool to crochet a cardigan (for Dulcie) from, but have yet to make a start.  I'm thinking my lunch breaks this weekend might be the time.  I'll keep you posted.

Better go and have a shower before our water supply gets switched off.  Long story...

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