Tuesday, January 1, 2013

this sort of mess won't be tolerated in 2013 (who am I trying to kid?!)

 How was your Hogmanay?  Ours was predictably quiet.  We ate lots of snacks, drank a wee bit of sparkling wine and watched some telly, going to bed at a fairly respectable 1.00am.  Barring a short mid-evening nap, Dulcie stayed up until 11.59pm, missing out on seeing in the bells by a matter of seconds. I wasn't trying to keep her up (that's probably child abuse for a one-year-old, right?) but she just wouldn't/couldn't drop off.  She spent the evening causing mayhem and crying out of tiredness.  As you can see, she discovered how to take hankies out of the box and swiftly emptied the lot, but she enjoyed it and it did make us laugh.  She also tried to blow my nose for me at one point, which was very sweet.
 Gah, babies are so messy, as these photos from a few nights ago further evidence.
Baby mess might not be so bad in a tidy house, but when you are a messy parent yourself, it can kind of tip things over the edge.  I wonder if I'll ever feel on top of things around here...

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