Monday, August 4, 2008

memoir monday (two)

27th February 1987

Yesterday I was ready for Brownies when my mum came and said we can't go.  The jeep had broken down and I for once know what is wrong with it.  There's a leak in the petrol. So instead I did my french knitting.  Now it must be about 2 feet long. Then I went to collect Laura from Julia's house.  Alan, Derek, Kevin and Robert and Martin were playing with the Scalextric.  Martin said, "Go Robert!"  It fell off and he said, "Not too fast Robert!" Robert tried again.  It fell off and he said, "Not too slow Robert!"
At home Mum said, "I think we have a chimney fire." I went out to look and the smoke was pouring out. Inside mum had opened the door and tar was coming out of the bottom.  At night we wrapped up Mum's birthday present.  Dad gave her stockings, knickers, a picture and a tin opener.  I gave her a writing set and a bar of chocolate.

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