Saturday, August 2, 2008

stamping for joy

Look!  Look!  Look!  I got my logo made into a rubber stamp and it is making me so happy!  Stamp.  Stamp.  Stamp.  I can't believe how well it turned out - I was preparing myself for blobby trees with no leaves but all the little details are there.  I got it here and can definitely recommend them if you are looking for a stamp of your own.  Very fast, good quality and by far the cheapest I came across, with free postage in the U.K. and a free inkpad.  Very good!  I am going to stamp my logo everywhere.  I might even wear it as a tattoo when I go out tonight.  I have already stamped it on the back of a homemade card:
Stamping is so much more convenient than printing, cutting out and gluing on my logo, and so much more fun!  I think I could class this as another step towards pro crafting.  Yippee!

In other news, Graham and I spent another day in the south side yesterday (trying to squeeze as many of these in as we can before we enter the world of Monday to Friday type employment) and I finally got round to taking some pictures of the lovely scout and cub uniform shop.
Manly scout above, boyish cub below.
I had another successful day's charity shopping.  I got some goodies to transform craftily (I'm just heading out now to buy some paint) and I will be sure to share some pictures of the transformations if WHEN they happen.

The last of my internet purchases arrived this week and really made my day.  It was a postcard from Belle and Boo.  They have a gorgeous shop on etsy and I would recommend buying something from them just for the joy of having the most beautifully decorated envelope ever arrive through your letterbox.  They also included a lovely little extra.  I love it when etsy sellers include a small surprise.


  1. The stamp is lovely, stuff like that always makes you feel more 'proper' doesn't it? Great sign photos too - the Scout looks like he was once particularly dashing!

  2. The poor Scout is looking a bit faded these days but I guess that's what living the outdoor life will do to a boy!


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