Monday, September 14, 2009

anyone in need of a used car?

Yes, it's the late, great Frank Butcher. It was tough deciding whether to put him in his polo neck and jumper or in his bow tie and birthday suit, both classic Frank looks! I opted for the child friendly version in the end. Frank is the first male character I've managed to draw. I have tried a few others but they were frankly (boom boom!) unrecognisable. I'm pretty pleased with how ladies' man Frank turned out though. He's not staying in this frame, which is why he looks a bit blotchy in these photos - the edges of the material are all bumphled up behind him just now. He will be getting tidied up and transfered to a navy frame (to match his true love, Pat!) once it arrives in the post.
Still on the subject of Eastenders/embroidery, my Dot Cotton embroidery was featured on the fab Cuteable today. Yay! Thanks, Lynsey!


  1. You are very welcome for the Cuteable feature and I've got to say that Frank is looking rather dapper :)


    Can you send me images and I'll add to shop? You are a genie!

  3. Thanks you two!

    Claire - I have emailed the pics now :)


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