Friday, September 11, 2009

creating a spectacle

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I've been trying to think of simple embroidery ideas (anything quicker than a full on portrait of a lady with wrinkles would be good!) and so wish I'd come up with this. I love it!

My glasses have a copper coloured frame but have had a big scratch in the middle, right above my nose, for a couple of years. Before my interview, I disguised the scratch by colouring it in with a brown permanent marker. Hee hee! I wish I'd thought of doing that sooner - now I'll get at least another decade's wear out of them!

What can I say? I'm a classy doll.


  1. I have a BONZER idea for embroidery that I am itching to try but no time! Perhaps I should give it to you - you would probably make a far better job of it anyway!

    Sorry to hear about job - they are clearly FOOLS.

  2. Maybe you will have to start leasing out your ideas - you always seem to have a few to spare! I doubt I would make a better job of it though. I have been trying to branch out my soap portrait range this week and some of the results have been truly laughable!

    I want to be bitter about the job (just to mask the pain - ha!) but the people were genuinely so nice it's impossible to be annoyed with them. Doesn't mean they're not fools, though ;)


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