Saturday, September 19, 2009

missing presumed sewing

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This picture has nothing to do with anything really but I realised I hadn't blogged in almost a week and wanted to pop in and say hello. It's too dark to take photos tonight (my flat has VERY high ceilings with a super dim energy efficient light bulb only if you are lucky!) so I decided to go with my most recent favourite on flickr instead. Isn't it great? I originally found Tom Messenger via grain edit, which is where I find out about many things I end up favouriting.

My absence from the old blog (I actually had no idea I had been away so long) has been due to a flurry of crafty activity, mostly sewing. I went on a three day long Eastenders sewing rampage (a rampage, I tells ya!) which has given me less than a handful of Eastenders portraits... Oh well, at least they look good, if I do say so myself :) I think my stitching is going from strength to strength (go me!) but just is not getting any faster unfortunately. Oh for the day when I can charge a price/sew at a pace that gives me an hourly rate close to half the minimum wage! Ha! Yesterday I gave my eyes and fingers a break and made a zillion (yes, that is correct, a zillion) vintage recipe cards, redesigned their label (looking goo-oo-ood!) and packaged them all up. Today I sewed vintage buttons onto cards and made a good deal of progress towards doing something exciting with my teeny tiny red riding hoods. I am so excited about that and am hoping it will all be done within the next week. There's a fair bit of waiting for things to dry but I guarantee I'll be sharing photos as soon as they're finished because I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty excited about them. Yippee!

Why this flurry of crafty business? Well, firstly, I have a stall at Made in the Shade in just seven days time and I am not at all as prepared as I had hoped to be. I am very scared but also really excited as I have always loved being a customer at Made in the Shade and it IS going ahead in the Lighthouse after all (Saturday 26th September, 10.30-5, please come!). This all feels very pro crafter to me! Secondly, I won the most amazing prize of a year's free shopify shop, courtesy of the wonder that is Super Cute Kawaii! How brilliant is that? So pretty soon I will have two (or maybe even more... mysterious...) online shops. My next goal is to have people buy things from them. Ha!

I am going to try to stay productive in the run up to the market so I may not be blogging as much as usual but I'll try to share projects as I finish them. I'll just have to try to remember to take photos before the daylight fades!

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