Sunday, September 20, 2009

yee ha!

After much deliberation over how to spell 'yee ha!' (yea ha? yee-ha?) I made this little horse embroidery last night. The fabric is maybe my favourite fabric ever (I bought it to make tiny cupcakes) and I have only got a teeny piece left. It was fun to make an embroidery that didn't take all day, just the duration of the X Factor, pretty much. Well, an X Factor and a half maybe! Not that I was watching the X Factor, oh no...
If I make any more of these, I think I will take them to market. Yee ha!


  1. definitely the cowboy's way! I love it!

  2. ooh, i like, a lot. anything with a pony gets my vote

  3. Thanks :)

    I'm in a terribly vicious dilemma though... I ordered frames (large and small) for Eastenders embroideries a week or two ago and they haven't arrived yet. This could be a market disaster - and all my days of embroidering may have been for nothing! With the few small frames I have left, do I fill them with horses now or save them for soap characters later? You see, I sew the horses in the frames but I sew the soap characters in a hoop then transfer but I may not have frames to transfer them to if I fill all the frames with horses. Did that even make sense? Decisions, decisions...

    Please let my frames arrive this week or I fear my sewing will have been in vain! Fingers crossed...

  4. Love the design, BUT, sigh! Coming from the mountains of North Carolina (by the way would love to come to Scotland and live there) the correct way is 'yee haw'.

  5. Thanks, Barabara! I had never even considered that I had the ha/haw part wrong... Oh dear... But I'm sure 'yee haw' is really just some obscure regional dialect, right? ;)


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