Monday, January 17, 2011

the bare bones of my recent film viewing

Last night we watched The Monster Club starring Vincent Price. It was frankly bizarre. We love 1970s horror portmanteaus, but this was made in 1980 and just missed the mark of '70s horror je ne sais quois... That said, we still really enjoyed it, cheesy and bizarre though it was. Between each of the stories (which were more funny than scary) there was a performance by a band in The Monster Club (as the name suggests, a club for monsters). Above is a snippet of the totally bonkers striptease scene. Below is the video for the whole crazy rock song including the stripping scene. Take your pick :)

Goodness, I have watched a strange selection of films lately. Over to the left and down a bit you can see a list of the last ten films I've seen with links to the info about them on imdb. At the moment, it's not exactly a recommended list as half of it is made up of the films I watched on TV when I spent the day stuck on the sofa with food poisoning. You can probably tell which films they are - Baby's Day Out was a particular low point, but Big Foot And The Hendersons and Gremlins were just what the doctor ordered. One film I would recommend (if you want to feel like a kick-ass sistah who can do it for herself) is Death Proof. Despite the fact that the first two thirds of the film are pretty much plotless and it is a film about car crashes (which I don't generally like to think about or see) I absolutely loved it and really want to watch it again just for the pay-off at the end. Watch Death Proof and then listen to Night singing the stripper song and then go and sock it to 'em! In your face (and your balls) world! Tee hee! I'm feeling grumpy today, but this rock and roll rant is channeling the rage most effectively...

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