Wednesday, January 12, 2011

house of frasers

If you live in Glasgow, you should really go to Frasers and take a walk up (or down) their side staircase. They have about four storeys of photos of the shop's history and they are so fun to look at - a genuine little time capsule. It's such a lovely idea, don't you think?
People from the olden days just look amazing. I wonder if we'll all look amazing to people in 40/60/80 years.

The trouble with not blogging regularly enough is that you get a huge backlog of things to share and it stops you sharing the other stuff as it comes along, so that all gets added to the backlog too. I'm off work this week (hooray!) so I think I'll try to blog as many of those things as possible. The trip to Frasers was one of those things. Brace yourself* for random non-chronological snippets! Today, though, I'm braving the drizzle for a charity shopping extravaganza. Hopefully there are some treasures to be found hiding amongst the unwanted Christmas gifts.

* Brace yourself? Hmm, it won't exactly be a white-knuckle ride...


  1. Good luck with the charity shops - I went round the ones in our town today and got some good stuff. mainly clothes but I'm not complaining!

  2. Just got back - I am pooped! I got off to a flying start, but then it quietened down a bit. No clothes for me, just more clutter :) Will share my finds here asap!


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