Saturday, January 22, 2011

tick tock

I've been looking for a watch for over a year and found this one just before Christmas at Granny Would Be Proud (a handmade and vintage sale that happens pretty regularly in Glasgow). Look - it even has a compass in case I get lost! It's not at all what I thought I was looking for, but I just saw it and loved it and when I found out it was only £2, I thought it was worth the risk that it might not work very well. I still haven't got a battery or a strap for it though. Aaargh! My slowness at doing simple things is driving me mental at the moment, so I thought if I posted about the watch here, it might remind (or guilt-trip) me into sorting out a battery and strap this week. Quite apart from that, I had meant to share it at the time (another thing I didn't get round to) just in case anybody else might like to see it. I'm a bit worried this watch will look ridiculous on me because I have bizarrely skinny wrists and it is a pretty big watch. Graham has been openly coveting it since the day I got it though, so I can always pass it on to him if it does turn out not to be right for me. That way at least I'd get to look at it all the time, even if I was still a watchless wonder.


  1. Why, thank you. I am not convinced the compass actually works, but I'm not sure I have the navigation skills to use a compass anyway.

  2. its like a tiny travel clock from the 20s.
    there's a seller on ebay with lovely wide watchstraps .item number 280907260833


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