Monday, January 17, 2011

wave a magic wanda

Three posts in one day... Sick of me yet? Just to continue the go-sister vibe I've been rocking/blogging today, would you just look at this footage of Wanda Jackson from 1958?! What a woman! I've been listening to a lot of Wanda Jackson on Spotify of late. She is great music to get stuff done to. Half an hour ago I was even sawing through pipes as a result of listening to some Wanda Jackson tunes. Go me and my saw!

Talking of sawing, Graham has just asked me if I want to go and see 127 Hours tonight. Much as I have been boasting about how tough and awesome girls are today, I am a bit anxious that I won't be able to handle this film. I have a phobia of caves (which I'm fairly sure includes crevices and being wedged under boulders too) and am not keen on self-inflicted amputation either. Is anybody? Oh well, perhaps if I listen to enough Wanda Jackson between now and this evening I'll be able to keep my eyes open for some most of the film. Eep!

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