Friday, January 14, 2011

becoming a mermaid/prune

small but (im)perfectly formed
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I have been swimming laps from here to the moon (a little nod to The Secret Of My Success there - I love that film!) this week. I'm really enjoying being in the pool and my muscles have a lovely ache going on. Mmm! I just wish swimming didn't take up so much time - 45 minutes in the pool plus 45 minutes to walk to the pool and back plus time to get changed, showered, dried and changed again equals goodbye half the day. And that's if I manage to resist stopping off in charity shops en route. Still, there are worse ways to spend my week off, I suppose, although they might make for more exciting blogging...

Since I'm failing to do any crafting this year (by which I really mean this fortnight) here's a water-related embroidery I made almost three years ago when my hands were young and lovely like a Fairy advert. Three years?! Where have they gone? Down the bleedin' plughole, guv'nor! That's where!


  1. hi laura
    i have a set of your dot and pat notecards that i LOVE, bought in the wonderful maisonette. your post has made me want to go for a swim, not done that in ages, but do have that lovely achey muscle feel from yoga (a rare feeling but a good one!)

  2. Thank you, Jolene :) I really enjoyed my swim this morning (got a lane all to myself) and am a bit sad I'll have to return to work next week and cut down my time in the pool. I haven't tried yoga in years. I'd like to try it again, but it is definitely not my strong point and it usually reduces me to giggles. Hmm, maybe...?


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