Friday, March 18, 2011

lunchtime crochet session part two

Today on my lunch break I consolidated my treble stitch skillz and practised making stripes in different colours. I can now do treble stitch without thinking (too much) so I think this could be quite a relaxing new hobby/activity. I'm very pleased with how thick, warm and blanket-like even this small sample feels. Tomorrow I might move on to making ripples. Exciting!
One aspect (not sure if it is a downside or an upside) of crocheting in the workplace is that every single person who comes into the kitchen is guaranteed to ask you what you are doing. Thank goodness I'm so enthusiastic about crocheting right now, so I don't mind having the same crochet conversation ten times in a row.

Talking of work, I got the best news today. After 16 months of fearing I could be made unemployed at any moment, I am finally getting a permanent contract! Hooray! Ah, sweet security :)


  1. go ripples! and congratulations on the contract!!

  2. Thanks :) The ripples did NOT go according to plan unfortunately. Photos to follow!


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